Jasper Hill Emilys Paddock Shiraz Cabernet Franc 2022

Tasting: Subtle hints of struck match mingle with savory, meaty aromas, alongside notes of ripe plums and sweet spices. On the palate, this Shiraz is juicy yet exhibits dense, rich, and concentrated fruit flavors, with plums and blackberries taking center stage, supported by a long, lingering finish accented by creamy textures and sweet spice, all delivered on an oaky wooden tray that tantalizes the senses. Despite its robust nature, it maintains a balanced profile. This exceptional Shiraz hails from the Armagh ‘Limerick’ vineyard, cherished by Jimmy for its sloping East-facing location that consistently yields exceptional fruit, rain or shine. Julie’s beloved father, James Brazill Barry, possessed a deep appreciation for the diverse landscapes and valleys of Clare, yet he always believed there was no better place to cultivate red wines than the fertile Armagh Valley. Julie is convinced he was right – perhaps it was the luck of the Irish! This Shiraz is produced using prayodynamic methods, honoring both the land and the legacy of those who tend it.

Vintage: 2022



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