La Grande Dame 2008 Champagne

Vintage: 2008

Tasting Note: La Grande Dame 2008 exhibits a radiant hue with vibrant golden reflections when observed.

Upon the first whiff, it offers a pronounced, ethereal, and refined aroma. Upon aeration, the wine reveals a captivating medley of dried fruits such as almonds, figs, and apricots, along with luscious ripe white fruits like pears, culminating in delicate toasted hints of hazelnut and praline. These pastry nuances harmonize seamlessly with the wine’s inherent freshness and clarity, achieving a delightful equilibrium.

The palate experiences a robust and crisp initial impression. La Grande Dame 2008 envelops the senses with a velvety texture brimming with youthful fruitiness, accented by zesty citrus undertones and subtle notes of red fruits like cherry.

The Pinot Noir varietal stands out remarkably with its invigorating freshness, mineral character, and commanding presence. La Grande Dame 2008 epitomizes a flawless synthesis of complexity, structural integrity, and potency.

These attributes converge to produce a refined interplay of freshness and solidity, accentuated by an impeccably balanced dosage of 6 g/l, which accentuates the vintage’s inherent potential.


  • Brilliant with golden hues
  • Effervescent with exceptionally fine bubbles


  • Mineral and floral undertones
  • Fresh fruit notes
  • Toasted accents





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