This wine offers a refreshing sensory experience with notes of citrus peel and red berry jelly, enriched by the complex aromas of Plougastel and Mara des Bois strawberries and pêche de vigne. The bouquet is refined and mature, highlighted by the distinctive fragrances of sweet spices and wild raspberry pulp.  It combines delicate charm with measured strength, featuring a harmonious blend of flavors such as mandarin, blood orange, and Reinette apple tart. The wine reveals a full, ample character in the mouth, with a chalky edge and a persistent finish of citron zest and red and white currants. This refined wine showcases its personality with exquisite texture and flavor. Its aromatic charm and rare mineral aspect make it an ideal pairing for dishes like poulet de Bresse with crayfish or Breton langoustines royales.

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